Gramin Swabhiman

Gramin Swabhiman is our sister NGO with the main objective to work primarily for the rural India with special emphasis on the weaker sections of the society – women and children – irrespective of caste, creed, religion or culture. Gramin Swabhiman believes that only a consistent, over-all growth across the country, over a substantial period of time can take it to conquer new heights.

The society formed on 12th Jan 1999 (Reg. No. S-34170) under the Registration of Societies Act, 1980, was formed by a team of dedicated social workers, under the patronage of Dr Sahib Singh Verma. The aim of this organisation is to establish links with the government and non government organisation, developmental agencies and thus, creating a close knit web of people who are willing to help in the times of crisis and otherwise.

Educational Activities

1.  Non Formal and Continuing Adult Education Centres.
2.  Awards to Meritorious Teachers/ Students/ Sportsmen
3.  Organising the Annual Book Fair
4.  Organising the Annual International Literacy Day
5.  Swabhiman Kendras : In order to provide for a community hub, a central place where people could get together for recreation and learning, we established one Swabhiman Kendra in every village, endowed with the following facilities and programmes:
   a.  Library and Reading Rooms
   b.  Short term Training Courses in Rural Crafts
   c.  Skill Development Courses like Cutting, Tailoring and Fashion Designing
   d.  Computer Training Courses
   e.  Sports and Cultural activities
6.  Saksharta Mela : Is a festival held every year on the 8th September in different villages, where people from different age groups compete in drawing, painting, music, dance, debate, poetry reading, and sports. Saksharta Mela is an endeavour to motivate children and adults to broaden their horizon into the extra-curricular fields. The winners in all these events are presented with cash awards and certificates.

Health Care Activities

1.  Mother and Child Health Care Scheme
2.  Organising Health Melas
3.  Eye Check-up Camps

Social and Cultural Activities

1.  JAGO Project: JAGO Project was an effort to be a bridge between the government policies and the rural people who, because of their proximity, usually never know about important and helpful government policies. JAGO Project promoted the awareness about jobs in government and non-government organisations.
Besides providing for this information, the attempt is to equip in totality the job seeker by training them in basic interview skills, subject knowledge, general knowledge and spoken English. They are also trained in advantages and ways to be self employed and procedures in acquiring a bank loan for the same.
The JAGO Project has successfully educated 7 batches, resulting in around 1800 happy, benefited people.
2.  Sports and Cultural Activities for the Youth: Gramin Swabhiman organises the sports and cultural festivals in different villages every year, in two phases – 22nd December – 25th December and 28th December – 31st December. Prizes are awarded to the winners in the following events:
   a.  Volley Ball
   b.  Debate
   c.  Drawing
   d.  Carom Board
   e.  Dance & Music
   f.  Poetry Reading
   g.  Essay Writing
3.  Tree Plantation: For the conservation of the environment, Gramin Swabhiman plants trees in different parts of Delhi from 15th August to 31st August, every year.
4.  Awareness Generation Programme for Women: Gramin Swabhiman conducts awareness programmes in Delhi for women and girls to educate them about the following:
   a.  Atrocities on Women
   b.  Consumer Right Awareness
   c.  Legal Aid for Women
   d.  Rights and Duties of the Citizens
   e.  Our Values and Problem of Moral Degradation
   f.  Importance of Literacy and Education
   g.  Developmental Schemes started by Central and State Government for the Rural Masses
   h.  Empowerment of the Socially Disadvantaged Sections i.e. S.C., S.T., OBC’s and women.
   i.  Protection of Environment
   j.  Awareness on HIV/AIDS etc.
5.  Social Service pertaining to Developmental Schemes started by Government Agencies: Gramin Swabhiman provides for the following services to widows, and the old-aged people under various schemes started by State and Central Government
   a.  Old Age Pension
   b.  Assistance to Widows
   c.  Assistance to Handicapped People
   d.  Assistance for Marriage of Widow’s Daughter
   e.  Assistance for T.B. Patients
   f.  Assistance to Parents of the Girl Child
   g.  Promotion of Insurance Schemes for Rural Sector, especially for women & girls:
             1.  Jan Shri Bima Yojna
             2.  Bhagya Shri Bima Yojna
             3.  Raj Rajeshwari Mahila Bima Yojna