What we do

We strive...for equality

We create...awarness

We build...a Better Future

We aim...to be a part of India that will be the next super power

We provide...the immidiate needs,in time.

We deliever...Quality resource

We promote...Brotherhood

Mission Statment

The mission of Rashtriya Swabhiman is to empower the Indian Rural Sector by providing superior educational, medical, infrastructural facilities to offer equal opportunities and eventually creating a stronger India and a self reliant, dignified majority.

What we do , is difficult for us to encapsulate in a few words or sentences because all we do is focus on indiviual needs,that we hope will change the face of the country "one village at a time".

and since action speak louder than words,please feel free to browse through the projects we have undertaken,and feel free to let us know if there is more we could do.We'd appreciate the help.

Rashtriya Swabhiman Projects